We are committed to providing unbeatable service and an unbeatable price so your organization can thrive.

Computer repair and virus cleanup

Standard system analysis is completed by one of our technicians to determine the root of the issue. From there, anti-malware programs are run to remove any malicious files or programs on the computer. If there is any hardware defects, our technician will contact you before any changes are made. Our number one concern is getting your system back to working like new.

computer-repairComputer optimization and overhauling

If your goal is to get your computer running faster, displaying higher levels of graphics and video, or any other improvements, our technicians will work with you to decide the most cost effective way to get your system up to your expectations. Whether this is an upgrade in operating system, more system memory, or a graphics card, our team is happy to assist you in making your computer better.

Data recovery, backup management

We understand your files and pictures are of utmost importance. We have specialized software to completely back up all of your computer data to a backup drive in case of unpredictable system failure. If the worst has happened and your computer has entirely failed, our technicians have the software and know-how to recover all lost data from your affected system. We have a been saving lost data for our clients for over 25 years and will always find a way to recover your important files.

Full-service computer networking and audio video installation

Staying connected is more important in today’s business than ever before. We offer full computer networking to connect your entire business in the easiest way possible to limit the hassle and maximize the efficiency in the workplace. We also offer full audio/video installation at your business to closely monitor at all times. With the advances in mobile technology, checking in on your business can be as simple as an app away.

computer-buildTurnkey business startup help with technology consulting, design and implementation

Today’s business world demands innovative ways to connect with customers through technology. Our team can help small business modernize by finding the tech that will work best for your company. We will not just recommend products, but fully help implement them in your business so that you will not have to worry about how to use it, but truly know and be able to fully utilize it to increase your productivity.

Non-Profit IT management with donated hours

We have worked with numerous Non-Profit organizations and will continue to gladly offer IT management services for these groups.

Computer and IT security management

Security is a high priority in every system, and our experienced team knows the best ways to keep your systems secure. We can work with you to determine the level of security your business needs and adjust our approach to your individual needs.

IT for Manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CNC)

We have worked with several manufacturing clients to set up simple systems that work well for them.

Point of Sale system setup and management

Technology today allows for the old cash register and pen and paper methods for Point of Sale systems to become a thing of the past. Our team has experience in varying levels of POS systems whether it is commercial with large product listings or a simple checkout register needs. Whatever your needs may be, we will work with you to decide what approach will be best for your business.

Professional Computer Workstation Design

Computers are now an essential tool for every business. Commercially available computers often come overpriced and with extra hardware/software that is unnecessary. Our team can personally design and build professional grade computers for lower cost than retail. Our custom design will take into account the level of computing that is necessary, how many systems are needed, and will always be of a high quality and lasting design.

We do super-secret stuff also

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